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Pornstar Signature Series - Jenna Fox W/ bonus exclusive content

Pornstar Signature Series - Jenna Fox W/ bonus exclusive content

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Jenna Fox fans, we have a good news/bad news situation for you. The bad news: there's a chance that you won't be able to get with your girl in real life. The good news: you can get very, very close with a namesake stroker that's always ready to enjoy.

Starting off with a replica of Jenna's pussy, the plushy, squeezable interior is bouncy and clingy, gripping tight through a multi-textured inner tunnel. It warms up naturally as you stroke away, but for a hot touch right from the start, soak it in warm water first. Open-ended, Jenna is easy to clean, but for a natural suction effect, cover the back opening with a finger to feel her suck you deep inside.

To clean your Pussy Stroker, rinse it well (inside and out) using warm soapy water. Letting the insert dry completely before storing it away is important, so leave it out until then. With a lot of use, the sleeve might get a bit sticky; if this happens, just sprinkle it liberally with refresh.

Something to note is that Jenna Fox requires a LOT of lube to help things glide along smoothly, so make sure to stock up before your session - a good water-based lube is your best bet.

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