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Loverboy Cowboy Self Lubricating Stroker

Loverboy Cowboy Self Lubricating Stroker

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Oh, the horror of having to stop mid-stroke to add more lube! Never fear, with Blush's Cowboy Self Lubricating Stroker, you'll never have to face that truly unthinkable situation! Okay, yes, we're being dramatic, but seriously, stopping to re-lube can be a huuuuuge mood killer.  

At first glance, Cowboy looks super cool and conveniently discreet, but also pretty normal. Pop the top off the branded cannister to reveal a soft, plushy butt sleeve. Hint: the cannister also shows you the texture of the sleeve's interior. Hint 2: once that inner sleeve gets wet, it turns into a slippery playground of texture, friction and tight tension. Use plain old water or saliva to activate the self-lube feature. You'll be able to do that around twelve times before the material needs to be supplemented with actual lube.

As for the sensation, it's obviously extra slick and slippery, but also nice and tight. You'll notice a PerfectFlo™ opening at the base of the cannister, just cover it up with a finger if you're/they're craving more suction. 

In Blush's superior TPE, Cowboy is body safe and free of phthalates, paraffins and latex. Clean it well before and after with warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Please let the sleeve dry out before storage. Once the self-lube feature has run its course, this stroker is compatible with any water based lube you love. 

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