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Hotrod Warming Vibrating Masturbator by VeDO

Hotrod Warming Vibrating Masturbator by VeDO

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So...we all know that, when driving a car, we're supposed to keep two hands on the wheel at all times. That's pretty standard Drivers Ed. stuff. Whether we always do so is another story altogether, but that's beside the point. Here's the point! VeDO's HotRod was specifically designed for one-handed driving. Okay, not driving, stroking, but hey, it's shaped like a car and named after a car! We're sticking with the driving metaphor. 

First off, the HotRod Warming Vibrating Masturbator wasn't designed to replace your/your playmate's hand (as if anything could!), but rather, to put a totally unique masturbation or foreplay option into your hands. Contoured for a comfortable and secure grip, the HotRod features a thick, curvy, super-textured base and a soft loop that slips over your/their shaft. Hold it in place, or stroke with it, whatever feels best. 

Shared evenly through two super-charged motors, there are ten vibration modes to choose from plus six levels of intensity for each Mix, match and experiment to find a fave using three simple buttons. To start thing off hot, hit the flame button to send feverish warmth spreading through the HotRod.

Always ready when you are, the HotRod Warming Vibrating Masturbator is conveniently USB rechargeable. Cord included.

In body safe silicone, the Torpedo is hypoallergenic, ultra hygienic and definitely made to last. Clean well before and after playtime using some warm soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam. Any great quality water-based lube can be enjoyed with this toy. Waterproof.

* The HotRod Warming Vibrating Masturbator measures approximately 4.5"/11.4cm in total length, it's about 3.2"/8.1cm wide. The ring stretches from approximately 1"/2.5cm of inner diameter. 
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